Increase Occupancy

To help landlords overcome the challenges of leasing their office space Broadway is offering the Complete Office Buildout (Design Build) solution all within the TI allowance. This turnkey approach offers moveable walls, systems furniture, flooring, and plug and play cableing which can be purchased and installed all within the TI allowance and at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction. Once more the furnishings can be easily "repurposed" for the next tenant at a fraction of the original cost.

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Modular architectural interiors is the fastest growing trend in commercial real estate. For most landlords, just choosing the right architect and finding an experienced contractor can be daunting, not to mention the challenge of marketing these concepts to a new generation of commercial real estate consumer.

To help landlords with this challenge, Broadway offers a full spectrum of marketing and program support result in an increased demand for your empty spaces, better lease rates, and lower lifetime costs.

The concept is simple, yet powerful: Provide a turnkey solution that transforms a newly leased space into a fully furnished, custom built office that includes moveable walls, modular furniture, zone cabling, and flooring…all included at about the same cost of conventional construction!

We provide landlords and their brokers with full access to marketing materials.

Customized marketing materials include:

  • Conceptual Floor Plans in 3D
  • Custom Marketing Materials for Broker or Landlord
  • Online Marketing Support
  • On-Site Display
  • Optional "At Cost" Show Suite

Reduce Tenant Negotiation and Move in Time

Lease spaces that include walls, furnishings, carpet and cabling are much more appealing to potential tenants. As a result lease negotiations get done quicker and the tenant move-in process is much simpler, and faster.

One of our unique features is the use of moveable walls in lieu of constructed hard-walls. Now all you need to provide is a warm shell and Broadway does the rest. A warm shell also costs much less to build and takes a lot less time, and your tenants get a highly functional and extremely flexible space without the hassles of the typical TI process.

In addition, our walls can be relocated, added or removed quickly. Moves, adds and changes can also be accomplished more easily with our zone cabling and power distribution. More importantly, the time it takes to ready space between tenants is significantly faster.

Best of all you can get your tenants in faster and start collecting rent sooner!

Green Credits

Our products qualify for LEED® credits for new and existing buildings and are GREENGUARD® Certified.